Geotechnical Software

Intuitive software suite for civil engineers and geologists.

GEO5 is a comprehensive software suite providing solutions for any task
from geological survey to advanced geotechnical design.

Stability Analysis

Analysis of slope stability, rock slopes and MSE walls.

Excavation Design

Design and verification of retaining structures, diaphragm and pile walls.

Retaining Wall Design

Complex design of gravity, cantilever and prefab retaining walls.

Shallow Foundations

Bearing capacity and settlement of spread footing, strip footing and foundation mats.

Pile Foundations

Bearing capacity and settlement of piles and pile groups.

Settlement Calculations

Analysis of settlement and consolidation of foundations.

Tunnels and Shafts

Analysis of tunnels, underground structures and vertical shafts

Geological Modelling

Terrain and subsoil modelling based on geological survey data.

Geological Survey

Site investigation data (boreholes, CPTs), reporting and creation of cross-sections.

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Intuitive Interface Top-Down Workflow

GEO5 programs have unified environment and intuitive interface top-down workflow .

From The Survey To The Advanced Design

GEO5 integrates geological  data modeling with advanced geotechnical tasks.

Program Linked Together

GEO5 enables comparison of two independent solutions. 

Mobile App For Borehole Logging

Collect geological data in the field and send it to the stratigraphy program.

BIM Support

GEO5 is export data to common BIM and share and share with them third party program.

Many Standard And Method

GEO5 is universal tool for engineers all over the world.

Analytical Method & FEM

GEO5 enables to transfer data between individual programs.

Output Report Language

GEO5 generates output reports in variety of languages- useful for foreign projects.


Comprehensive Output

GEO5 output reports can be easily edited or  exports to PDF or MS Word format.

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